With an ice chamber stocked with vodka from around the world, the Soviet-themed Pravda Vodka Bar is the perfect place for drinks with friends. Toast memories of the fallen Berlin Wall, or the fact that it’s Friday, with one of the delicious vodka martinis.









History buffs will either love the Soviet era décor (think hammer & sickle and photos of Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Krushchev & Gorbachev), or hate the de-politicized revolutionary chic aesthetic, but one thing is certain, you’ll love their martinis. Reserve a luxury booth, or lounge on the lush, red velvet sofas while enjoying Pravda’s premium selection of drinks.

While diehards will be happy with the classic martini, girls like us can indulge in the Chocolate Martini, the ultimate orgasmic drink with crème de cacao and vodka, shaken, not stirred please, topped with a twice-dipped double chocolate covered strawberry. Other must-tries include the Red Square martini and Moscow Mojito with Hemp Vodka, and for the real vodka lover out there, try the featured vodka tastings. Our favourite drink? Well, all of them really. And for those of us on a budget, try their selection of martinis at $5 a glass during Happy Hour (5-7pm) weekdays.

And while we love the kitschy décor, we’re still conflicted about the Gulag-themed tasting room downstairs. We have a hard time enjoying our vodka while remembering the millions killed under Stalin’s rule in the infamous gulags. Poor taste in naming aside, Pravda Vodka Bar is the perfect place to nibble on a perogy while watching for eye candy.



Pravda Vodka Bar
36 Wellington Street, Toronto
Story By: Manjot Bains