Watch: Gurdas Mann x Diljit Dosanjh on Coke Studio MTV India

The Snapchat generation meets the LP era in this reworking of Gurdas Mann’s 1982 classic song, “Ki Banu Duniya Da?”

Gurdas Mann Diljit Dosanjh

Coke Studio MTV India produced a special Independence Day program this week, featuring a mix of South Asian musicians singing about patriotism, division, and brotherhood. By far, the most talked about, viewed and shared video is “Ki Banu Duniya Da,” an update on Gurdas Mann’s classic song, with new lyrics and a collaboration with Diljit Dosanjh. Produced by Jatinder Shah, the song seems to have a polarizing effect; you love it or you hate it…or you’re mesmerized by Mann’s presumed/possible/probable botox situation.

Regardless, the original song is beautifully written, and there are a few lines that have been added to this version. A standout is the heart-wrenching line, “Ravi to Chenab puchhda, Ki haal e Sutlej da?” (The Ravi asks the Chenab: how is Sutlej doing?) When the state of Punjab was divided in the 1947 Partition, the five rivers that made up the original Punjab were also divided. The gut wrenching metaphor of the three rivers (Ravi, Chenab and Sutlej) mirrors the questions asked by families divided at Partition and the sadness of the relationships broken.


Watch “Ki Banu Duniya Da”


And for the “old is gold” types, watch Gurdas Mann’s 1982 version of “Ki Banu Duniya Da” for comparison below.