Take six to nine yards of Hermès’ silk scarves and what do you have? A beautiful Hermès silk sari. That’s right, the iconic luxury French fashion house is launching a limited edition collection of 27 saris. 













Popular among celebrities and royals like Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Grace Kelly, Hermès is renowned for their scarves and hand-stitched bags, including the ‘Kelly’ and ‘Birkin’ which are highly coveted. 

Recognizing India's growing interest in luxury brands, Hermès opened a flagship store in Mumbai earlier this year, where the collection of saris will be sold. Chief executive of Hermès International, Patrick Thomas said, “There have been a lot of connections between Hermès and India. Designing these saris for Indian customers is a way to pay light homage to India, and say, Hermès admires India and has a lot to learn from India.”

The saris will retail between $6100 and $8200 US, and will be sold with a metre of extra silk material so that a matching sari blouse can be made. 

We can’t wait!

Story By: Nikki Dhaliwal