Hi Everybody: Watch Horsepowar’s Ode to Family Vacations

This is how family vacations to the homeland should be.


We’ve been enamoured by Vancouver-based rapper Horsepowar ever since she opened for Himanshu in Vancouver in 2015. Her energy is infectious, and her raw talent and smart rhymes give us goosebumps. Insightful, political, quirky, emotional, sexy at the same time, she sings the millenial (and Gen X, Y, Z in some respects) second-generation experience with profound precision.

Earlier this year, she travelled to India with her family and shot a music video with her mom and nephew behind the camera. “Hi Everyone” is an awesome ode to northern India – the glorious fields of Punjab, cute kids in the village, a visit to the Harmindar Sahib (Golden Temple in Amritsar) – and a rethink on how family vacations to India can be a lot of fun (you just need to get used to the bucket baths).

“Hi Everybody,” is from Horsepowar’s EP, Out2Lunch, which debuted earlier this year and is awesome. Listen to it. And don’t miss Horsepowar in Vancouver at VIBC’s City of Bhangra Festival in June – she also stars in their marketing campaign. Jugni Style is a proud sponsor of this year’s festival, which has a focus on gender-bending, women and performance.