Add that extra oomph to your holiday ensemble with our accessories trend guide. Ranging from beautiful and sparkly, to edgy and studded, you’ll look stylish this holiday season in any of these bold statement pieces.



katespade sparkly pursevarma-gunmetal--gold-multistrand-braceletGucci Gunmetal Shoes

Stick to jet-black gems, crystal sparkle or gunmetal highlights. All of these accessories can make a drab outfit look fab in a matter of seconds. Kate Spade Multi Clutch, $328Varma Gunmetal & Gold Bracelet, $90Gucci Gunmetal Galazi sandals, $845.



Tory Burch Velvet Ballet FlatFendi_AW0910_Headband- Velvetelle-ciate-berry-poncho-nail-polish-2-mdn

Even though velvet has it’s enemies and many shudder at the thought of a post-90s velvet revival, guess what ladies, velvet everything is in! From strappy heels, to plush headbands to nail polish. Tory Burch Velvet Ballet Flats, $165Velvet Headband, $32Ciate Velvet Manicure  $21.



spikeheels Marc-Jacobs-Wrath-Studded-Bag-479x500 topshop18 studded gloves

Metal studs on clothing used to be exclusive to bikers and rockers, but studs can offer a sophisticated edge to feminine outfits too. Think leathers in deeply saturated hues ranging from gloves, heels, metal clutches and more. Aldo Studs and Spikes, $50Marc Jacobs Wrath Studded Bag, $4100TopShop Studded Gloves, $40.

Story By: Sukhi Ghuman