Where do the fashion set turn to for timeless looks and city chic styling each season? Holt Renfrew, of course.

Holt Renfrew’s S/S 2013 collection was MY FAVORITE at Toronto Fashion Week. It illustrated 67 different looks – daywear to nightwear, casual to formal, bohemian chic to trend setting fashionista – Holt Renfrew has it all. The runway featured an array of accessories including handbags, hats and jewellery from Canadian and international designers like Alexis Bittar, Ela, Maryam Keyhani and Michael Kors, and shoes from Lanvin, Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, and Prada.

Sure, Holt’s collection is a colourful and eclectic amalgamation of various different labels, but no one can deny the Canadian department store from creating some of the most sleek and elegantly styled looks known to mankind. Yes, that statement was MAMMOTH but in my eyes, it’s true.

For me personally, attending fashion week isn’t just about gawking at models as they walk the ramp or just admiring the works of another designer. Fashion week is about being inspired and watching how different styles and looks go together. This is where Holt Renfrew takes the cake. Holt’s runaway shows always have a unique combination of styles, colours, cuts, trends, and fabrics, without conforming to a just one style for the entire collection (which is what most designers showcase). Instead, they bring together different designers to create the perfect look. Something the everyday fashionista does anyway!

Watch video highlights from Holt Renfrew at Toronto Fashion Week:


Photo Gallery from the Holt Renfrew Spring/Summer 2013 Collection:


Story By: Daniel Pillai  |  Photography: Holt Renfrew