It has been non-stop sunny in Vancouver, and as much as we love a good tan and some Vitamin D, sometimes it’s nice to head indoors or to a covered patio for a refreshing cocktail or glass of rosé.

Homer St Cafe Bar Vancouver Bar

“Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink.” – The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Coleridge

The Homer St. Café and Bar offers both – an airy patio overlooking Homer Street just outside of Yaletown, and a gorgeous dining area that reminded us a chic Chelsea restaurant or Parisian café.

The restaurant has three key spaces designed with salvaged windows and doors, mosaic tiles and beautiful artwork: an open concept kitchen/Chef’s Bar, a dining area and bar , and a rooster themed room for private bookings.

homer st cafe

The Bar: Classic cocktails, craft beers and an international wine list developed by Sommelier Alex Thornley. Our favourite drink: Ancient Mariner, a mix of gin, rosemary infused sweet vermouth, cynar, orange vermouth and maple gastrique.

The Food: We nibbled on a charcuterie plate, rotisserie chicken and a decadent dark chocolate pudding. The chicken is a must – this isn’t Swiss Chalet! It’s delicious, moist and the spice rub they use is divine. Swap the traditional jus/gravy for a side of chimichurri sauce for gluten-free dining (it’s soooo good).

homer st cafe bar

One issue with service: The third time I dined at the café, I had a strange interaction with a male server. Every time I ordered something, from glasses of rosé to rotisserie chicken, he would respond with, “Good girl!” What does a 30-something woman say to someone who says, “Good girl!” every time they order something, as if she’s a prize winning horse? Ugh.

homer st cafe bar vancouver bar

Homer St. Cafe and Bar is located at 898 Homer Street and is open for lunch, dinner and weekend brunch. Guests can make reservations online at or by phone at 604.428.4299.

Photography Courtesy: Homer St Café and Jugni Style