Listen: Bolly Woes with Canadian Hip Hop Artist Horsepowar

In the first episode of the Jugni Style Podcast, Rumnique Nannar and Nimritta Parmar chat with Canadian rapper Horsepowar about her SXSW debut, collaborating with KayRay and Hate Copy, and her #Bollywoes.

 Horsepowar Interview

“I think love right now is a big Bolly woe… and then there’s body hair!” – Horsepowar

Welcome to the Jugni Style Podcast, where we chat about everything from pop culture, style and race to politics, bad movies and food – all with a South Asian focus.

Our first podcast features an interview with our favourite desi rapper, Horsepowar. Based out of Vancouver, Horsepowar (also known as Jasleen) is one of the most exciting musical artists we’ve come across in a while. Her energy is infectious, and her raw talent and smart rhymes give us goosebumps. Insightful, political, quirky, emotional, sexy, she sings the millenial (and Gen X, Y, Z in some respects) second-generation experience with profound precision. Her EP Out2Lunch debuted on GQ India and Hip Hop Canada, and her music video for “Hi Everybody” was covered in Nylon, The Fader and Jugni Style.

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Follow Horsepowar on Sound Cloud, Instagram, Tumblr and Facebook, and catch her at VIBC’s City of Bhangra Festival in Vancouver June 15, 17 and 18.