Four gorgeous sisters with their pulse on international style trends make up House Farola, a new fashion line carrying Indian outfits for women and kids.

house of farola indian fashion vancouverhouse of farola indian fashion vancouver

I stumbled upon the House Farola Instagram account a few months back, and fell in love with their simple, impactful printed dresses, lehengas and pajami suits. The floral prints are punchy and elegant, and the cuts modern (high-waisted lehengas with long-sleeved crop tops, empire-waist dresses), but it’s the kids clothes that really set the brand apart. I’ve never really South Asian children’s clothing, besides a few select brands who do it right (Fab India is fantastic for cute cotton kurtas, mini sherwanis and dresses). House Farola brings a cute whimsical touch to kurtas, pajami suits and lehengas with animal prints, polka dots and bright prints that are age-appropriate for toddlers and big kids too. They also coordinate prints for mom’s, which is just adorable.

house of farola indian fashion vancouverhouse of farola indian fashion vancouver

Farola sister Harleen Bath shares the story behind the House Farola brand, their style inspirations, and where you can pick up your own custom outfit. 

How did the idea to start a fashion label come about?

We have always had a interest in fashion and creating our own designs and pieces and we definitely get that from our mom. She used to sew us outfits from scratch when we were growing up and a little piece of that always stayed with us. We thought why not put our minds together and work together to make fashion our creative outlet. We are loving every minute of it!

Tell us the story behind the brand name. How did you come up with it?

Farola is the name of our dads village in India. We have all visited there several times and the culture, colors and simplistic way of life really resonated with us. We felt that the name Farola was a perfect representation of our brand. We want our clothing to evoke that same simplistic yet colorful way of life. Also, it is the perfect way to carry on our fathers history, and keep the lineage not only close to our hearts, but a way to share it with the world.

house of farola indian fashion vancouver

As much as we love them, a lot of us still get in fights with our siblings. How do you and your sisters work together and keep the harmony?

Well Monday meetings are always eventful! Like you said with any sibling its very easy to get under each other’s skin, but we manage to keep business and person separate pretty well! We always try to focus on the greater good of the company and yes there are sometimes some of us ganging up on each other but we have so much fun doing this and that’s what keeps us all going. A hug and ” i love you” at the end of the meetings always helps!

What roles do each sister play? 

We definitely all have our areas of strengths and each sister will do her best to focus on that strength. But that being said, each and every one of us is involved in every aspect of the business. Its very important to us that each of us learn every facet of the business. Its always worked for us to work together as a team in all parts of the company.

house of farola indian fashion vancouver

Do you make your clothes here in Vancouver?

Yes! Everything is made here locally in Vancouver. We definitely pride ourselves on this. We believe its very important to be a part of the design process from beginning to end. From hand selecting all the fabrics, to being in constant contact with our seamstress, local manufacturing ensures the quality and style of our product.

What key trends are you seeing for Summer 2015?

Florals is the definite obvious! Bright, bold colours and prints paired with romantic and flowy styles.

house of farola indian fashion vancouver

House of Farola pieces aren’t covered in a lot of embroidery or lots of bling. What’s your style aesthetic?

We are simplicity orientated. Understated elegance is one of the values behind each and every design. The pieces we create are made for the ages, timeless and classic each in their own unique way. Bling is everywhere right now. Why not wear something different? Why not stand out in a simplistic yet stunning house farola piece?! Style is so key for us, we want to create a label that isnt just trendy, but a mix between classic and modern.

What inspired your upcoming collection?

We take inspiration from everything! Real life, experiences, our childhood, femininity and definitely the direction we would like to see indian fashion go towards. Living in a society where such powerful cultures Western and Eastern come together, its great to be able to create a piece of clothing and is relatable to both.

Why did you decide to include kids clothing in your line? The outfits are so adorable!

thank you! We are all at or coming to the stage of having our own children. With that comes the daunting task of finding indian outfits that are stylish and most importantly comfortable. Our children’s line is just that.

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