Brown is beautiful, but the women behind Vasanti Cosmetics have known that for years. Created for women of various colours, Vasanti has filled a niche in the makeup world with their simple and inspirational brand message: “I love my colour.”

There are so many different cosmetic lines out there, but Vasanti is one of my favourites. Say goodbye to poorly matched foundation, and concealer that makes you look ashy. Vasanti offers the selection you want, quality you deserve, and a price you can afford to pay. And my favourite part about the line: they have a genuine mandate that women of all cultures can identify with.

Meet Pinki, Monal and Priti…the wonderful women behind Vasanti Cosmetics.

First and foremost, what inspired all of you to join the beauty business? Has it always been a love for makeup, or something more?

We’ll let Pinki take this one –

Pinki: Definitely a love for makeup – when I was younger, I was always applying makeup to someone’s face. It was so amazing to see someone physically transformed, even a tiny transformation from within was so incredible. Something as small as just smiling more or flirting a little more – that boost of confidence was such a high for me. The only caveat to this was that the makeup, which was available at the time just wasn’t perfect and I knew I could make people look even better.

Then there was the selfish reason – not being able to find colors that worked for me! Something to cover my dark under eye circles or makeup that didn’t make my complexion look like a ghost was impossible. I couldn’t find anything that worked with my skin tone and looked natural. Lucky for me, Priti and Monal, and so many other people I knew had the same problem, so I knew there was a need for something different.

One of Vasanti’s mottos has been “I Love My Colour.” This resonates deeply within the South Asian community, where fairness is ideal, and that’s that! What inspired this motto?

The inspiration came from our obsession with beautiful colors and the different way they can look on various skin tones. We hope our motto, “I love my colour” inspires confidence and fun, and breaks the false premise of a certain skin colour being more beautiful than another. In Indian cultures, we are [told] being fair is ideal, while [European/white cultures] embrace bronze as beautiful. It’s not about the colour of your skin, but how you can make it radiate and glow.

Making women happy by giving them the tools to feel beautiful and confident has been a driving force for Vasanti. 

As businesswomen, what have been some of your challenges?

Creating a balance between work and family life has been a tremendous challenge. Especially when starting a new company, all your efforts are put towards building this dream. But, we have been truly lucky to have a hard working team that supports us incredibly.

Initially we thought being businesswomen was going to be challenging in a male dominated world, but we chose the right industry – we are our own customers. Negotiating contracts and dealing within this industry was much easier since we knew exactly what we wanted, how we wanted our products to look, and the image we wanted to portray. Having knowledge about your product and being confident about it goes a long way!

What makes Vasanti standout from the rest of the competition?

We are dedicated to giving customers the best quality products that work for all skin tones. We think the most important thing is to listen to what our customers want and what they have to say about our products – good or bad. We are a dynamic line – constantly improving our current products and always creating something new. We like to keep with the trends but offer products that translate to the everyday. And, now that we have expanded to skin care, we hope to offer women a complete beauty regime.

We know what makes your makeup unique, tell us about your new unique skin care line.

Our skin care line includes a cleanser (Detox), an exfoliator (BrightenUp!) and an eye cream (Eye Wonder). We developed the skincare line based on a problem–solution approach that really works. We didn’t want to create products for marketing fluff, we really wanted to put in the research and dedication to creating formulas that solve skin care issues. We feel that brighter looking skin is the key for anti-aging; having a glow gives a more youthful look. Dull, tired looking skin makes you look older.

Vasanti is available at Shopper’s Drug Mart, Rexall, and other stores and websites.


Story By: Daniel Pillai | Photography: Vasanti Cosmetics