"...Lawrence of my Labia." Samantha, SATC2 (2010)“There’s a place in every relationship when romance gives way for reality.” Carrie, SATC, Season 1.

Remember when Carrie et al were still sexy? Sometime between 1998 and 2004, and a little bit in 2008? Their stories were fascinating and bold, and taught a new and older generation the ins and outs of friendship, sex, betrayal, heartache, misunderstandings, and of course, love. 

But with the release of the second film, Sex and the City 2, the foursome reunite only to disappoint in every way possible, from the racist plots and general lack of storyline, to Liza Minelli singing “Single Ladies” and the temporary, but unnecessary return of Aiden. Is Sex and the City too old and outdated for our post-2009 sensibilities?

Even the fashion was lacking – beautiful pieces, but often over-styled to the point of clownish (see photo of 4 above). My favourite, stand out piece was a black gown with plunging neckline and white gold studs, worn by Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) at Stanford Blatch’s wedding. But fashion aside, the most important question for the writers is: where’s the city? The show is all about New York, but the movie could be called, “No Sex in Abu Dhabhi.”

After watching the film, I came home and put on the first season of SATC. Maybe SATC had always been awful and I hadn’t noticed until now. But after watching the first few episodes, I fell in love with Miranda, Carrie, Samantha and Charlotte all over again. I guess when relationships are over, they’re over. Unless it’s Carrie and Big.

SATC2 is like a bad misunderstanding between friends, coupled with betrayal and heartache. Why did you have to go to Abu Dhabhi and become self-important, racist and insensitive? Sure, we can only remember one or two non-white characters in the history of the series, but the over-the-top anti-brown, anti-Muslim, anti-non-Americanism rampant in the film can’t be ignored. (Edward Said would be shaking his head at this one. Orientalism, thy name is Sex and the City 2). It’s like you cheated on us with Skippy (SATC, Season 1).