You know all those posers and fake people in your life? This song is for them. Superwoman and Humble the Poet unite for a fun summer jam with a message: “Leh.”

iisuperwomanii humble the poet leh

“So to you I say, be yourself and be proud of that person.”


Lily Singh, aka Superwoman, took to Facebook on July 1 to share the motivation behind her debut Canadian rap song with hip hop artist, friend and collaborator, Humble the Poet.

From Lily Singh: “I’m very excited and nervous to show you the official music video for my new track #LEH with Humble The Poet! Similar to my comedy videos, whenever I want to communicate a message, I do in a light-hearted style. This song is no exception. #LEH is a song about all the things society tells us to be. I’ve been in the entertainment industry for about 2 years now and it’s been quite the roller coaster ride. I grew up a tomboy my entire life. I was born and raised in Scarborough, which is considered the ghetto. And no matter how much money I ever make, I will still go to the movies on Tuesdays because it’s discounted. That’s just me. And I don’t want any amount of fame, pressure or finance to ever change that! This song and video is my way of saying “I’m going to keep it real.” I don’t have a fancy car or a flat stomach. And I have no clue how to pop champagne. But I’m totally fine with that. So to you I say, be yourself and be proud of that person.”


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