Actress Kalki Koechlin and the All India Bakchod (AIB) Comedy Collective have paired up in a satirical video about victim-blaming in what is a provocative look at the overwhelming reactions towards rape in India.

all india bakchod its your fault video kalki

Story by Rumnique Nannar

In the video, which went viral this weekend, Kalki and TV host Juhi Pande casually list off the many reasons that drive men to rape, including women’s clothing, mobile phones and Bollywood.

The co-founder of AIB Comedy Collective and stand-up comedian, G Khamba, explained in an interview with Al Jazeera that, “the idea was that we wanted to attack this patriarchal notion of always blaming the victim. All of us at AIB though that one way of doing it was through satire, instead of being preachy. The idea was to making people feel a little uncomfortable while watching the video but at the same time get the message across.”

The video is certainly unsettling. We see Kalki and Juhi Pande appear more bruised and beaten as the video progresses, while they repeat the phrase “Women, It’s Your Fault.” They also tackle marital rape and apathy from the police, both issues that don’t get enough attention within the debate.

Provocative and divisive, the video has received mixed reactions on social media, with some suggesting that the messages may be taken literally (um, hello crazy people!), but we think it’s a creative way to get us all talking about victim-blaming in India and around the world, and moving towards some kind of action.


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