Why be blue when you can wear any colour in the rainbow?

Acid brights, bold neon and pastel tones are hot for jeans this season. Channel this trend by freshening up your wardrobe with a pair of vibrant-hued jeans.

For a softer look, try pastel coloured skinny jeans if the vibrant hues of ankle grazing capris make too much of a statement. However, be warned: pastel shades can be risky depending on the fit and cut, as they may not leave much up to the imagination. And with pastels you have the added possibility of looking like an Easter egg, and nobody wants that.


Some of our fave shades are peach, fuchsia, lavender, turquoise and electric blue. Checkout my watermelon T.Babaton capri pants from Aritiza (below left). Be sure to choose the same cut you would for regular jeans, but when in doubt, cigarette and bootcut styles tend to be the most flattering.


Story By: Sukhi Ghuman

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