Jimmy Choo + H&M. Designer heaven on Earth or over-rated collabo? Kiran Dhaliwal investigates…

Mathew Williamson, Roberto Cavalli and Sonia Rykiel have all done it at H&M. And Alexander McQueen, Rodarte, Anna Sui and now even Zac Posen have been at Target. But it was this one designer collaboration that sent women swooning. It was the collaboration thousands, maybe even millions, of women around the world were waiting for. More anticipated than the inauguration of President Obama or the third season of Mad Men; it was Jimmy Choo for H&M. And I had tickets from Vogue to the exclusive prelaunch of Jimmy Choo in London the night before it hit the shops worldwide in November 2009. I felt like Charlie Bucket who won a golden ticket into the chocolate factory, but this was so much better.

Arriving at the H&M flagship shop on Regent Street after dusk was mayhem; paparazzi, celebrities, security guards, loud music and hundreds of London’s socialites – it was like there was a new club opening. Luckily we arrived early, but there was a line of girls trailing all down Regent Street and even around the block; it looked like there were plenty more than five golden tickets.

Looking at the window display, I saw plenty of things I wanted – purses, dresses, jackets – but mostly shoes of course. Tamera Mellon, president of the Jimmy Choo Company, stated it was the ultimate party wardrobe, and I was about to find out.

We were ushered in and once we entered the store, it was the idea of heaven for fashionistas everywhere. The lights were spotlight bright, there was girls running around picking up the endless merchandise, waiters roaming around with champagne, waitresses handing out cupcakes and a DJ in the back of the store spinning club beats; I was speechless. After helping ourselves to champagne, we made our way to the clothes section. I picked up three dresses, all black, and two pairs of shoes, also black. The designers of the Jimmy Choo collaboration seemed to believe that all party outfits should be black, white or gray. Although there were a few pieces in the shoe collection that were red and blue, no other colours seemed to pop out.

After buying my five pieces, I left the store with a goody bag, feeling exhausted but content. The experience was unforgettable, the champagne was delicious and the collection was beautiful.

The following day, the collection hit two hundred shops across the U.K. and only four in Canada, and sold out everywhere the same evening. But the real question is, was it really a phenomenon and the ultimate party wardrobe? I think yes and no. It was a phenomenon, and a brilliant, successful collaboration, but I would not say the ultimate party wardrobe. If the designers would have put in some colourful pieces, I would have given the collection a 10/10, but instead, I give it a fabulous 9/10. The question is, which next designer will be collaborating with H&M next? There are speculations of Marc Jacobs, Rodarte, Alexander Wang (my personal favourite) or even another British Invasion with Burberry. I plan on wearing my Jimmy Choos to the next prelaunch as both pairs are sitting unworn in my closet!

Story by: Kiran Dhaliwal