Fashionable Photography in JJ Valaya’s New Book

JJ Valaya has reigned over his couture court for two decades, bringing regal Rajasthani prints and embroidery to runways across India.

Along the way, he developed a passion for photography, which he transformed into a stunning coffee table book, Decoded Paradox, released earlier this year. And his latest clothing collection, “Tasveer,” closed Day 1 at Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2011, with nods to his passion for colour, heritage, photography, and royalty.

As a photographer, JJ brings the rich opulence and detail of his clothing into each picture. You’re transported back to an era where royalty reigned from palaces with loyal subjects at their feet. The “paradox” of the book’s title comes from the contrasts of rich and poor, simple and elaborate, presented in each photograph. Sometimes the comparisons are so obvious, you wish the designer would exercise some subtlety, but then his clothing is never subtle, so why should his photography be?

Decoded Paradox isn’t available through traditional online retailers. Visit Art of Valaya to place an order of this must-have coffee table book.

Photographs from Decoded Paradox from Art of Valaya