Happy Diwali Month! We’re celebrating the triumph of good over evil, and knowledge over darkness. Besides eating an obscene amount of sweets, here are a few things to know about the celebration of light and the new year.

What is Diwali

A celebration of good over evil, of hope and of the New Year. It’s celebrated in South Asia and across the world, and has different religious significance for Hindus, Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists, but all together and for everyone, it’s about homecoming, and celebrating the triumph of good over evil – which are themes that really anyone, anywhere in the world can connect with.

Literally, the word diwali means “row of lights.” When the Hindu god Ram defeated the evil Raavan, his path home was lighted by a row diyas or candles.

Best thing about Diwali

The best thing about Diwali is connecting with family and the community celebrations. And of course, the food! It’s all about sweets and desserts around Diwali. We love gulab jamuns and jalebis, but why limit yourself to just those? Chocolates and truffles are an excellent addition to Diwali celebrating, as are glazed donut holes and colourful jelly beans (perhaps arranged in a rangoli design on the table?). Add a cup of chai, and celebrations can’t get any better – unless you add samosas and pakoras!

Celebrate Diwali at Home

Invite your close friends and family over, dress in your favourite Indian-inspired clothing, light some candles, and celebrate. This celebration is so much about family and being with people you love. We embrace November as Diwali Month, which is not only an excuse to nosh on indulgent Indian snacks, but also a reason to spend every weekend meeting with friends and family over chai or coffee, and celebrating the love and light we have in our lives.

Need some more inspiration? Invite your mom and dad over for Diwali weekend dinner and wow them with these simple Indian delicacies, care of Chef Gurj Dhaliwal. And if you can’t figure out what to wear, use our Diwali style tips to throw together an outfit even your meanest cousin will have to compliment.


Happy Diwali!

Photography By: Joti Dhesi and Sukhi Ghuman Photography