Style 101: We share 8 key pieces to build your wardrobe around. Whether you're revamping your closet for the new year or need to learn the basics, we've put together a list of timeless, versatile pieces that can help transform your wardrobe from meh to wah!

These pieces create a foundation for your wardrobe, but be creative – a key piece can be interpreted for your own, unique style – no fashion robots please!


The Little Black Dress

The little black dress is an essential for your closet,… thank you, Coco Chanel. There are many different styles, cuts and fabrics to choose from, including: halter, strapless, lace, satin and more. Change it up by adding a belt, leggings, bold tights, cardigan or a blazer. Every designer and most boutiques carry a different style in the ever so versatile little black dress.

Visit Zara to see different styles.






Denim is a necessity for every wardrobe, and there are jeans out there for every body type, so you can’t go wrong! Different cuts include: boot-cut, flare-leg, wide-leg, straight-leg and skinnys. Jeans are so versatile that you can wear them during the day and in the evening – choose a darker wash to dress-up, or go casual with any colour. Most work places now have casual Fridays, so you can throw on a pair of jeans with a blazer and then go out for the evening with your friends. Try on a number of different brands and styles until you find the perfect fit.


Aritizia has trained staff to help you select the perfect pair.





Collared White Shirt

The white collared shirt is a classic for every wardrobe. Slip on a pair of jeans and wear it casual or pair it with an A-line skirt and open a button or two and dress it up. The oversized shirt also looks good with a pair of leggings.


Club Monaco and Pink always carry the classic collared shirt.








A skirt can be very versatile, especially in black. Wear it with a t-shirt or blouse, flats or heels, in summer and winter. It’s always in season and there are tons of cuts to choose from: A-line, pencil, pleated, maxi, mini, and lots more.


Check out Club Monaco and Zara for their collection of different types of skirts.






All types of boots work this year: flat, knee high, over-the-knee, booties, wedge, stilettos – you name it and they're out there. Get a pair that is comfortable for you and your style – or even two.


Check out Browns or the The Bay for styles that suit for you.






Plain White and Black T-shirt

Sometimes you just need a piece that glues an outfit together – and we suggest you do it with a basic black or white shirt. Get it in cotton, silk, or even chiffon. This shirt will never be the centre piece of an outfit, but it will help you tie a look together. Wear a plain shirt under a blazer and top it off with a piece of chunky jewellery. It's simple and classy!


Check out French Connection or Club Monaco for a great selection of basic white and black tops.





Black Pumps

The pump is a great piece to have in your wardrobe and makes every woman feel sexy and confident. You can either choose a 5" platform and do limited walking or get a smaller heel that will be more comfortable for everyday wear. Cole Haan even makes a pump using Nike running shoe technology! There are so many different styles and sizes of pumps to choose from – find the one that is best for you.


Check out Browns or the the Bay for style that suits you.



A well cut jacket is a piece that can layer any outfit and complete a look. Get a short fitted jacket for the day or an oversized boyfriend blazer for the evening. There are so many different styles and colours to choose from. Start off with the black fitted jacket and then open your world to stitched, embroidered, fun lining and more!


Check out French Connection or Club Monaco for a great selection of blazers.







Story By: Joti Dhesi |  Images: Generic Images are shown here for illustration purposes only.