With fashion media’s preoccupation with Kim Kardashian these days, you’d think she was some kind of style icon, but we haven’t forgotten what she was wearing just one year ago. Join us for a walk down memory lane.

kim kardashian 2013

Story by Kiran Dhaliwal

Recently, I have been noticing that Kim Kardashian has been applauded for her outfits (most notably her biggest fan is herself as she continuously Instagram’s her daily looks) and I wonder if we are perhaps giving her a tad too much credit.

I will be the first to put my hand up and say: Yes, I do like some of her looks and yes, I am envious of some of her accessories (so much that she has appeared on our Get the Look series a number of times so we can get the look more affordably), however, I will also state that I do not think she is trend setter. She has a good stylist (Kanye of course) and I think we need to remember that.

To refresh our memory a tad, take a look below at some of her looks over her ‘career’.

kim kardashian bad fashion

kim kardashian bad style

Looking through these photos (there are plenty more! If you don’t believe me or want to re-jog your memory, watch the Kardashians from season 1…), I understand that we all have faux-pas moments and even the best get it wrong sometimes, but the Kardashians, and particularly the one above, are not trend setters! Not even close.

What this Kardashian is doing is following the trends, and recently, I agree, she has been doing that quite well. What I have not included in the above photographs are any of her maternity mishaps (to be honest, there were way too many and the Met Gala is still fresh in my mind even, when I try to erase it) because I wanted to show her ‘pre-Kanye the stylist’ looks. We all know how wrong she got it during her pregnancy by refusing to wear maternity outfits and (excuse the pun) sticking to her body-con figure hugging outfits, so I am going to skip that nightmare and scan through her recent style picks that are in line with the season’s trends.

kim kardashian good style

kim kardashian good fashion

I was, as were many others, in love with her camel coat in Paris. I am a firm believer that camel is such a chic sexy colour and the Max Mara design is stunning. However, fall/winter was all about those chic camel coats so we cannot exactly be applauding Ms. Kardashian as an icon when she merely follows suit. Also – would someone like to explain why she is wearing thick wool coats in LA?

Looking through the above photos, I think it is fair to say that nothing is particularly daring, and as beautiful as some of these items are, they are not screaming: I am a trend setter. What they do scream is: I know what works for me (finally).

I think what is also so important here is that Kim sticks to her neutrals, she is very into monochrome (I cannot dispute her on this because I am also quite a lover of the neutral outfits) but I think her trick is, because she sticks to these neutral looks, it is hard to go wrong. Most of these looks are basically quite boring – they are skirts and tops in simple colours so how can we sit here and praise her as a trendsetter? Also…am I the only one wondering why all we seem to see is Kim out and about flaunting her looks with never a baby in tow?

Kim Kardashian, sorry to break it, is no style icon. As we remember her awful choices in the past and pregnancy phase, anything she wears now seems particularly amazing but we cannot be fooled. But to be fair, she has come a long way from the Met Gala.


Story By: Kiran Dhaliwal