Carpet Couture? Sure it sounds bizarre – models strutting their stuff in clothes made of carpets – but KORHANI Home’s carpet couture is something to be seen and not heard.

Toronto’s fashion elite were treated to a visual spectacle that went from boudoir vixens, to dancing flappers, to the exotic locales of Latin America…and all with carpets. I was stunned!

KORHANI Home has spent more than a century styling the interior of homes, infusing interior landscapes with fashion, function and affordability. Creative Director Kirsten Korhani, uses her background in the fashion industry to influence each collection, and has become a recognized expert in transferring concepts of fashion to the overall feel of the home.

Who knew that carpets could be versatile and that the colourful carpet that you thought was too ugly to be in your home, could actually turn into a beautiful dress. I didn’t think it could happen until I witnessed the Spring/Summer 2013 collection of KORHANI Home at Toronto Fashion Week.

What caught my eye was the 1920s inspired flapper looks and the latin american inspired outfits that brought bright and bold color to the runway…and even parrots!


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Story By: Daniel Pillai  |  Photo Credit: George Pimental