Nikhil Thampi made a wondrous debut last year with his gritty and grungey “Indian Punk” collection. We fell hard for that collection, so you can imagine our anticipation to see how Thampi fared with his Summer Resort 2014 showing at Lakme Fashion Week.

nikhil thampi lakme fashion week summer 2014

Thankfully, we loved that Thampi didn’t forego his punk and non-conformist aesthetic, while showcasing his brand’s new direction.


The show opened with an all-white ensemble that utilized the key trend of the collection: pleated high-waisted pants that showcased the structured silhouettes to come. After this outfit, there was my favourite of the night, an almost cape-like suit with Thampi’s signature cutouts across the cinched waist, which added a sexy twist to this traditional suit. The high-slits in the jacket made for a striking contrast and gave the outfit more movement than a typical summer suit might.


I loved that the brooches accentuated the stark colours on display: white, tan, rose, and dusty nude. Thampi displayed a further refinement of his aesthetic by venturing to understated colours, signature cut-outs, and leather. One of the interesting pieces was a ruffled tan leather dress that on first sight looks like it shouldn’t work, with its makeshift wrapped look, but the cut of the slit and belt makes this dress stick with you.

nikhil3 - pernia

Thampi expanded his colour palette later in the show with more reds, maroon tops, and peach embellished jackets that looked like a dream. I loved the swishing, mesh red skirt that had copper rose detailing on the pockets, which was a nice touch to a plain outfit.

nikhil4 - pernia

I particularly love how practical these ensembles were, as the high-waisted pants were a classic summer look and the empire skirts with the large slits gave a bit of riskiness to a usual office staple. By reigning in his penchant for grunge prints and darker colours, Thampi demonstrated his versatility with a sterling collection of summer outfits that retained the edge and glamour associated with his brand. The showstopper utilized the copper accessories for an embellished bustier paired with a plum skirt with signature zipper detailing for a high slit.


From the emphasis on zippers to high slits everywhere, Thampi brought the sexiness out in these subtle and elegant pieces that show a real growth in his work. We cannot wait to see who will be wearing this collection in the upcoming weeks. It looks like this Queen has already snapped up this Summer Resort 2014 outfit:


 Story By: Rumnique Nannar