Retarded Velvet: Vancouver to Mumbai and beyond!

With roots in Vancouver, Theresa James and Roger Prince of Retarded Velvet presented a neo-hippie collection as part of the TALENT BOX at Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2012 recently. An electric color palette and a deconstructed shape-shifting aesthetic has always been the vibe at Retarded Velvet. For Lakme Fashion Week, the designers played with prints like rupee notes, temples, and the iconic Amul dairy girl logo, among other unique symbols. Using jersey, silk and chambray, this collection had a bright citrus palette.

Retarded Velvet first debuted at Vancouver Fashion Week in 2010 and it was clear their influences were eclectic. Self-described on the Retarded Velvet website, their influences include “Japanese street style, classic Bollywood movies, blaxploitation and the Muppets, gospel house, electro and glam metal, animism, the belle époque, and surrealism.” For the Lakme Fashion Week collection, I would venture to add Mexican motifs, ikat and batik patterns.

This style observer has noticed that a high-end Indian “street style” is becoming a very visible trend in the streets of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and London. Rich kids wanting to branch out and be edgy, wear pop art, layer-up and still retain a chic Indian vibe (as opposed to a “blingy” bollywood one). James and Prince have perfectly timed their debut in the Indian market! Kudos to local talent going international.

Story By: Paromita Naidu | Photography: Lakme Fashion Week