Can’t Get Enough of Lilly Singh’s New Lipstick for Smashbox

Be a bawse. YouTube star iiSuperwomanii/Lilly Singh has launched her signature lip shade with Smashbox Cosmetics.

lilly singh iisuperwomanii smashbox lipstick

The right shade of red lip colour can change your mood, uplift your day and make or break your outfit. Lilly Singh’s signature lip colour, “Bawse,” is just the right shade of red for brown skinned ladies.

This limited edition matte liquid lipstick from Smashbox offers the right shade, finish and hint of shine without looking like you’re wearing a layer of petroleum jelly on your lips. It also lasts up to 8 hours so you can eat, wipe, nibble and kiss without reapplying.


South Asian Beauty Tips: Define your lips with the applicator tip and fill in with colour. To make your lips look fuller, layer Bawse with a lighter shade in the centre.

Pick up Lilly Singh’s Bawse at & #lillyxsmashbox