The new South Asian fashion is bold, graphic and sensual. Lose the heavy embroidered and beaded saris in favour of lush silks, rich brocades and bold graphic prints. Lotus Eye, Vancouver’s new Indo-chic fashion house, brings style-conscious women contemporary, trendsetting designs from Calcutta, Mumbai and New Delhi.







Bold colours, graphic prints and minimalist embroidery are hallmarks of the Lotus Eye collection, where the focus is on weaves, silks and cottons, resulting in a line that exudes sensual sophistication with a contemporary edge. Sexy silk dresses, flowing caftans and a diverse selection of saris ranging from digital prints to Banarasi heirloom silks.






“In India, the trend is less embellishment in favour of a clean, modern look.” 

The vibrant woman behind Lotus Eye is Mita Naidu, a former dancer and overall artistic person who for years has been designing outfits for friends. This is a woman inspired by her craft. Her eyes light up when she tells you stories about travelling from Delhi to Mumbai to Calcutta, searching for the most rich fabrics and the most talented hand-embroidery artisans. And her debut collection reflects her passion for artistry, quality fabric and detailed work. It’s only quality worksmanship here.











“This is a bridging collection – it combines edginess with commercial appeal.”

Mita strikes the right balance of Indian couture with a fashionable Vancouver vibe, combining bold, graphic print saris with obi belts cinched at the waist, or casual white blouses with an ankle-length, rich brocade skirts. Expect future collections to reflect more of Mita’s personal aesthetic, something that falls between high-end, Indian haute couture and timeless western classics.

In addition to her own designs, Mita carries a limited selection of saris by Satya Paul and Ritu Kumar, as well stunning designs by up-and-coming designers based out of New Delhi and Mumbai. To book an appointment, or to see more pictures from her debut fashion show, visit her page here, or email Lotus Eye.


Story By: Manjot Bains  |  Fashion Show Photography Courtesy Lotus Eye, photographed by Gurk Bains. Boutique photography by Manjot Bains.