The Lucian Matis runway show at Toronto Fashion Week gave spectators a taste of everything: texture, leather, silicon, sharp shoulder padding, and even a wardrobe malfunction. It was a treat for spectators indeed.

The designer showed us two sides to his designing personality: a high end couture collection that staged quite an impact on the runway, and a studio catwalk that showcased the MATIS line with ready-to-wear pieces by the designer.

What caught my eye in both collections was the kaleidoscopic patterns. In the runway show we saw more intricate and detailed patterns that mixed together different colours and shapes, and in the studio show we saw a softer and more subtle take on those same patterns (which made it friendly for every day wear). Another eye catcher were the animal skin creations in different colours and cuts. Snake and croc skins are back folks!

If there is one word that can describe Matis’ designs this season…it’s “feminine.” Matis brings to life pattern and structure with such exquisite and delicate feminine detailing that even a man would feel “femininely beautiful” (as I like to call it) wearing his creations. It’s bold, it’s soft; it’s risky, it’s demure; it’s a treat to the eyes, a shock to the senses.

There were a few pieces that reminded me of Lady Gaga’s silicon obsession and love for large, sharp shouldering padding – but that’s a good thing!


Video Highlights Lucian Matis Runway Show

Video Highlights of MATIS by Lucian Matis Studio Show


Photo Recap of Runway Show

Daniel Pillai  |  Photo Credit: Jenna Marie Wakani