As South Asian women, we've struggled to find makeup that not only reflects our bold personalities, but also compliments our yellow undertones. Now, with M.A.C’s limited-edition Bollywood Collection, we can go from edgy to modern to au-naturel with this gorgeous line of make-up, perfect for our skin.

Known as the “Master of Modern Bollywood,” Mickey Contractor has contoured the cheeks of A-list beauties Aishwarya Rai, Shilpa Shetty, Priyanka Chopra and Slumdog Millionaire star, Freida Pinto. Contractor prefers to give his clients a more relevant and natural look, as opposed to caking on their makeup…and we admit it, we’ve all been guilty of that!

Mickey Contractor has been making Indian women feel beautiful for years, so it was no surprise when M.A.C came knocking on his door in 2004. He helped them launch the first M.A.C store in Mumbai, with the opportunity to create their first-ever tribute collection.

And now as the Director of Makeup Artistry in India for M.A.C., Contractor has developed a stunning 24-product palette with four new shades of concealer, glosses and a new Fluid Line in Siahi. Of course the collection also pays homage to Bollywood with eye shadows in Marvel, Saffron, Rani and Oomph; power blush in Gana and Sur; and lipstick in Mocha and Gulabi – yes Gulabi!

Bright, daring tones are all the craze for this spring, so we’ll definitely be picking up a lipstick or two! The limited edition Bollywood Collection will only be in stores from January 6 – February 3, so head over to your local M.A.C store before the Gulabi runs out!

Story By: Sukhi Ghuman