Crème brule and café au lait are two quintessential French foods we love to savour, but it's the delicate macaron that stands out as the Parisian delicacy of our dreams. There is something about the taste of sweet almond paste nestled between and surrounded by a soft and crunchy meringue crust that is simply divine.










Since returning from a summer holiday in France, I've been hunting for similar heavenly macarons in Toronto. Much to my disappointment, I never found the same elating sense of satisfaction that I did when I enjoyed these Parisian delicacies in the French capital itself.

After searching every corner of Toronto and conducting several taste tests, I finally found maracons that elicit that same sense of pleasure and excitement that I once experienced in Paris – at Nadegé Patisserie.

Enter a clean, modern environment, where the minimalist décor lets the sandwiches, croissants, cakes and the colourful macarons I love so much, stand out in their luscious glory.

On a recent visit, I enjoyed a delicious French Turkey sandwich with a thickened cranberry sauce topping, a Kusmi Earl Grey tea called “Bouquet de Fleur,” imported from Paris, and three kinds of macarons: Pistachio, Pure Chocolate and Salted Caramel.

Visit Nadegé and expect to be greeted by friendly and helpful staff and be sure to bask in my favorite decadent indulgence of choice, the macaron.

Nadegé Patisserie
780 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON
Story By: Daniel Pillai