Flashback: Listen to Malkit Singh Get Sentimental on the Podcast

Years ago, when we were more naive and a bit more cute, we sat down for a half hour interview with Bhangra artist Malkit Singh. The conversation never made it to print – we moved to Toronto and the cassette tape went missing – but almost ten years later, a copy of the recording was uncovered on an old hard drive, and we weaved together a few highlights to give you some insight into the person who many know as The Golden Star.

Malkit Singh Bhangra Interview

Malkit Singh performs at City of Bhangra Festival 2008 in Vancouver. Photo: VIBC.

Recorded back in 2008, Malkit Singh shares his amazement and joy at being the first Asian honoured with the Member of British Empire by the British “rani.” He also explains what “Tootak tootak” really means (it’s pretty sexy).

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