Forget precious little necklaces tucked under your blouse collar and statement cuffs pulled over your sweater sleeve. I’m dreaming of intricately crafted jewelry by Paloma Picasso that evoke memories of Marrakesh, Istanbul and Delhi.

Paloma Picasso Tiffany CoI’ve been enamoured with the Marrakesh ring from Tiffany & Co. since I first saw it last year. With detailed carving work inspired by Islamic Moroccan architecture and designed by Pablo Picasso’s daughter herself, the ring and bracelet speak to my love of delicate jewelry and gold (hey, you can’t take the desi out of a Punjabi girl).

The ring is part of a larger collection of earrings, pendants and bracelets that would all add a unique elegance to any outfit, whether a sari or cocktail dress.

Made with 18 karat gold, I’m saving up for the ring which retails at $1400 US. The gold bracelet (seen above) retails at $7500 US, but if you’re more of a silver jewelry person, the bracelet also comes in silver at $1500 US.

Available at select Tiffany & Co. shops across Canada and the US, and online.