Milind Soman Makes Us Swoon as the Old Spice India Model

If you need a good laugh, look no further than the latest ad campaign by Old Spice India featuring model Milind Soman as the “mantastic man.”

milind soman as the Old Spice Man in India

Milind Soman is the brand ambassador for Old Spice India, and it’s easy to see why.

The brand launched a tongue-in-cheek, five-episode video series last week for the new #MrMantasticSays campaign, which also includes a smart social media campaign where Milind Soman (or the social media coordinator behind the brand, but we’re going with Milind) tweets a personalized note created just for you. Checkout what he tweeted Jugni Style:

Milind Soman as Old Spice Man India

Swooning. We love how he/they took the time to read our Twitter bio (we do love sushi, chocolate and shoes and our headquarters are based in Canada) and our website (how else would he know about our femme fatale status?).

Much like the Old Spice TV ads with Fabio and Isaiah Mustafa, this campaign has a great sense of humour and wit, presenting Soman as a lounging maharaja in one ad, a karate master, and a debonair playboy in one. Our favourite video from the campaign features a shirtless Soman on a elaborate gold throne with a preening mistress who flies in his Old Spice using a toy helicopter. The concept is hilarious, with Soman trotting out lines like, “Aap chahiye international polo trophies aur exclusive membership in Monaco’s elitist casino?” (Do you want international polo trophies and an exclusive membership in Monaco’s elitist casino?).

The goofy approach is brilliant, and Milind looks gorgeous throughout, flashing that chest and smile. Our favourite moment has to be when the camera pans down to his chest with a gold necklace emblazoned with “MAN” and Milind asks the audience to “Focus, please!”

Like a guilty pleasure, we can’t help but love these videos, especially since the Old Spice Man serenaded Jugni Style too!

Photographs: Old Spice India’s brilliant social media team