This made us do a happy dance in our office. Have we mentioned how much we love Mindy Kaling? How awesome is it that she’s on the cover of Elle Magazine?

Elle Magazine February 2014 with Mindy Kaling

“Hello there. I’m so amazing and talented.”

Best-selling book author, comedian, actor, producer, social media whiz, fashion trendsetter (do you follow her Instagram feed? Because it’s just amazing). Mindy Kaling is our girl crush. Forever. And not just because she’s brown and South Asian and says cool stuff about race and feminism and body size and has an amazing wardrobe. We always relate to her character in The Mindy Project, which she writes, acts and produces.

So we are ecstatic about her gracing the cover of Elle. She’s someone we relate to, see a bit of ourselves in, and did we mention she looks gorgeous?

There has been some discussion about how her cover (which is one of four special covers celebrating women in TV in the February 2014 issue of Elle) is in black and white and close-up in frame, while her white female counterparts (Amy Poehler, Zooey Deschanel and Allison Williams) have covers done in colour and that show their full bodies. Is this discrimination against Mindy’s skin colour and body size or, as Elle has contended in the past, was the cover chosen in collaboration with Mindy? You may remember that Elle was criticized for lightening actress Gabourey Sidibe’s cover in 2010, which Elle denied, but most people agreed that they had.

Here’s what Mindy Kaling had to say about her cover on Twitter:

Mindy Kaling Twitter Elle Magazine Cover

If Mindy is cool with it, so are we.

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Story By: Manjot Bains  |  Photography via Elle Magazine