We've all got it, even if we go to extraordinary measures to pretend we don't. Our lady 'stache. Upper lip hair. Moustache. Mo. Mooch. Moochan. 

Through pain and suffering at the hands of evil taunts from mean boys in high school, to the agony of waxing, lasering, electrolysis, threading, plucking, shaving, and Nair for the rest of our lives, the sad fact of crazy hormones mean that at one point of your life, you'll have some stray hairs hanging out above your lip.

How to Groom Your Lady 'Stache:

Laser: The laser uses a light wavelength and pulse to damage the melanin (chemical that makes skin and hair dark) in the hair follicle. Laser will permanently remove some hair so that you'll see an overall reduction in growth, but it won't get rid of every hair.

Our verdict: It seems like laser salons have popped up on every other street, but that doesn't mean they're all created as equals. Do your research, read reviews and always do a skin patch test before getting laser done on your face, or you can risk burned skin and discolouration. Laser is a great option for semi-permanent hair removal and can last up to several months.

Electrolysis: Electricity is used to kill the area around hair follicles that create hair. An electric pulse is delivered through a hair-sized needle that is inserted into the hair follicle. This is the only permanent method of hair removal, and is good for removing fine and light hairs.

Our verdict: None. This shit hurts! But it is the only permanent, never-ever-grow-back method of hair removal, so if you're desperate, proceed with caution. Try an over-the-counter numbing cream and apply 30 minutes before treatment to help ease the pain.

Threading: Temporary removal method using thread and some creative, focused twisting and lifting.

Our verdict: Easy and cheap, it's a quick way to remove hair, but you'll be stuck coming back for maintenance every 3 – 6 weeks, depending on your growth cycle. And it hurts.

Wax: Strips of hot wax are spread onto the skin, and once dry, pulled off in a quick movement. Similar to pulling a band-aid off really fast.

Our pick: No way. It's great for your legs, but waxing your face will lead to stretched skin and wrinkles as you age. Stop doing this right now, unless you're investing in a face lift fund.

Shaving: Self-explanatory – using a blade to shave the skin off of your face. It removes the hair at the face level, and does not pull it out from the follicle, resulting in the need for frequent hair removal.

Our verdict: Oh no you didn't. This makes your hair more coarse, thick and noticeable. Unless you were told to shave before a laser treatment, don't do it! Save yourself!


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