Here’s your chance to own a Mughal-era necklace worn by royalty in the early 17th century. A never-before-seen and unaccounted for piece of jewelry turned up at Bonhams auction house in London recently, where it is expected to sell for a cool $20 million.

The early 17th century Mughal Mirror Diamond necklace, made up of five pendant diamonds with emerald drops, is being offered for private sale at Bonhams, with an asking price of $20 million US. Wow.

The Details

The origins of this beautiful, historic necklace are unknown (the auction house hasn’t divulged how they came about the necklace either), but the necklace is definitely Mughal in origin, and made up of prized, colourless diamonds from the famed Golconda mines which were reserved for royalty. And at 28 carats, the central stone is the largest mirror or table-cut diamond known to survive. The five diamonds (ranging from 16 to 28 carats) are the largest known matching set of table-cut diamonds from the Mughal 17th century. That’s 96 carats worth of colourless diamonds, set in gold and highlighted with Colombian emerald drops (the emeralds were added in the late 18th century). Due to the size and majestic quality of the diamonds, the original necklace likely belonged to a Mughal emperor. Maybe Shah Jahan? The evil Aurangzeb?

The Mughal Mirror Diamond necklace is yet to be purchased, so if you are a lover of history and drama, and have the cash to spare, contact Bonhams, stat.