Two classic Punjabi songs, made famous in the last century by Surinder Kaur, Prakash Kaur and Musarrat Nazir, are re-sung by Indian singer Neha Bhasin. The result is beautiful.

Neha Bhasin Bajre Da Sita Punjabi folk music

Delhi-born singer Neha Bhasin shot to stardom as one part of reality show pop band VIVA in the early 2000s. Since then she’s grown her solo career and recorded songs for Bollywood films and in several languages, but it’s her recent foray into rethinking Punjabi folk music that perked up our ears.

In late 2014 and early 2015, Neha Bhasin began releasing new versions of classic Punjabi songs. “Lathe Di Chadar” and “Bajre Da Sita” are simple and addictive, and should be added to every weekend and wedding playlist. Both songs were produced and arranged by Sameer Uddin, and you can watch the cute music videos below.


Watch Bajre Da Sita


Watch Lathe Di Chadar

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