New York’s Shoe Mecca

When a shoe floor has its own government-issued zip code (10022-SHOE) you know it must be good.

Sukhi Ghuman Saks New York

The Saks Fifth Avenue flagship store in Manhattan has dressed the well-heeled since 1902, but the recent renovations have turned the eighth floor shoe department into 17,500 square feet of designer shoe heaven.

Forget the Broadway shows, the Sex and the City tour or even a stop at the new Top Shop. With so much to see and do while in the Big Apple, make sure to pencil this in.  Endless shelves are lined with the latest Jimmy Choo’s, Manolo Blahniks, Gucci’s and Prada’s. Shoeaholics beware! You are guaranteed to do some major damage to your plastic upon a visit to this glamorous shoe salon, but then again a girl can never have too many shoes, can she?

Story By: Sukhi Ghuman  |  Photo Credit: Sukhi Ghuman