If there is a Food Goddess, her name is Nigella Lawson.

Nigellissima nigella lawson

I’ve always had a “thing” for food. When I was younger, I probably just thought it was nice to eat sweet things all the time, but as I grew older, my taste buds became familiar with trying new things and tasting different flavours. I was becoming a food connoisseur.

Watching my mother cook in the kitchen always fascinated me and her love for cooking shows quickly became a passion of mine as well, but my relationship with food was different. I loved eating all the time. For me, eating was a way of life and not just a means for survival. Those like me, who share a passion and at times an obsession for all things that taste so good in your mouth, will agree.

Enter Nigella Lawson, my inspiration when it comes to all things fun in the kitchen. Whether it be cooking, baking, mixing, buying the latest gadgets, eating or just looking sexy in the kitchen – Ms. Lawson is my girl!

nigellisimaNigella makes cooking and baking easy. Her approach to food and the kitchen is that cooking and baking isn’t a science, as most people treat it. Instead, cooking and baking has a lot to do with the relationship you share with food, the relationships you share with others, and the relationship you share with yourself.

I love Nigella because she doesn’t make me feel guilty about eating things that are bad for you! Of course, we should all take care of our health, because our health is paramount. But in a world full of stick thin obsessions, my obsession is to be bootylicious! I love my curves and I have worked hard for them. I also love nurturing them with chocolate goodies, cheese fondues and of course CARBS! Yes I know, I just said that our health is paramount, and it is, but self-deprivation is not – in my books at least.

But why feel guilty for the things you take pleasure in? Life is too short to be deprived of the good things it has to offer, like cheesecake, bread and chocolate. I take full pleasure in my various indulgences in life, especially when they bring a smile to my face.


Nigella recipes I’m obsessed with and you must try: