Online shopping can be a time consuming, fruitless exercise full of buyer's remorse. But if you happen to stumble upon something great for a great price (and shipping cost) it can be ecstacy, providing you with a unique item you'll cherish forever, or at least wear until the end of the season. Here's our take on where to get some of the best vintage online (including covetable items by designers like Bill Blass and Valentino).

Websites like Ebay both embolden and confuse shoppers with seemingly endless choices for customizable prices. Similar (but nicer) to Ebay is Etsy, an online marketplace that features independent, handmade, and vintage designs. Etsy has set prices determined by the seller rather than bidding, and the overall quality of items is far superior and unique than those on Ebay. The only problem with Etsy, akin to Ebay, are the pages and pages of choice – so we're going to let you in on a few of our personal favourite Etsy shops.

In this edition, we feature the best in vintage; stay tuned for the best in handmade, which we'll share next week.


Allen Company Inc.
Run by Kristina Franco of Allentown, Pennslyvania, Allen Company Inc. features a wide range of quality, often designer, vintage from the 40s to the 70s, expertly collected. The shop is updated every Monday.
Ramona West Vintage
From the south of California, Ramona West Vintage specializes in hand-selected vintage from the 50s-80s, which is professionally tailored for a more modern look. More of the unique combination can be found in their online shop as well (
Pretty Little World
Buyer turned seller Nikita Jade has a background in creative writing – that may explain her creatively culled collection of vintage. Based in Michigan, Pretty Little World has some well-priced wardrobe shapers that can quickly convert someone who doesn't normally buy vintage.
Inoublié Vintage Market
Featuring mainly jewelry, this “unforgotten” vintage market's main draw is the beautiful brooches. Collected by a 22 year-old from St. Louis, any one of the brooches would look stunning on the lapel of a boyfriend blazer or securing the pallu of a sari.

Story By: Jasmeen Bains