Indian Chief meets Indian Sardar.

There are few sites we visit over and over again, and they're usually fashion and style related at that. But Pardon My Hindi is a different kind of website that combines wit, art and music, and wraps it up in retro Indian garb.

Pardon My Hindi was created in 2002, when artist/designer Chiraag Bhakta began exploring cross-cultural interpretations after encountering his family's South Asian filmi collection. The resulting site has quirky, retro throwbacks to Bollywood's past (ie. this 1984 photo of Michael Jackson feeding a turtle in Florida with a Sikh man), as well as a shop where you can find brilliant prints and shirts.

A recent collaboration with Hip Hop group, Das Racist, resulted in this t-shirt:

A cool find to add to your summer wardrobe. Nab this t-shirt, download Indo-styled mix tapes and brush up on your retro pop culture facts at Pardon My Hindi.

Checkout South Asian American political hip hoppers, Das Racist, here.