We have a soft spot for Mughal-inspired art and fashion, which is why we’re so excited for the upcoming release of stylist Pernia Qureshi’s debut film, Jaanisaar.

Pernia Qureshi Muzzafar Ali Jaanisar Film

Stylist and fashion tech entrepreneur Pernia Qureshi makes her on-screen debut with Muzzafar Ali’s Jaanisaar. The period drama is set in the last years of Mughal rule, and follows the life of a courtesan, Noor (played by Pernia), in Lucknow.

The clothes and styling will be amazing, and not just because of Pernia’s role in the film. Director Muzzafar Ali, who also made Umrao Jaan in 1981, is a multi-tasker – he’s directing, acting, and designing clothes for the film. Over a year and a half of work went into Pernia Qureshi’s costumes for Jaanisar

“We used a mix of wool and silk and got the fabrics woven in Kotwara,” says Muzzafar Ali. “Today, most of the designers use georgette, but we avoided that fabric to suit the Victorian influences prevalent during that time.”

Expect luxurious brocades, rich jewel tones, shawls made of Jamawar silk, and layers of gold and pearl haars and haath phools.

Pernia Qureshi Jaanisaar Bollywood

Jaanisaar is expected to release later this year.