No longer just an actress, Priyanka Chopra is carving out a new career in the world of pop music.

At the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour Pub Crawl Press Conference with Priyanka Chopra-4

Produced by the people behind Lada Gaga’s music, Priyanka Chopra’s debut single, “In My City,” features, and for the past couple of months, has opened NFL TV shows in the USA. If you haven’t heard the single yet, listen to it here – we’ll let you decide on whether or not you think Priyanka will be the next Taylor Swift or Nicki Minaj…

Back in India, Priyanka recently hosted a club crawl across Mumbai with the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour, where she switched from singer/actress to playing DJ.

At the Blenders Pride Fashion Tour Pub Crawl Press Conference with Priyanka Chopra-3-1

“I [looked forward] to the club crawl and to turning DJ for the night! I’m overwhelmed by the response to my debut single ‘In My City’ and I’m delighted to be able to share it in person,” said Priyanka Chopra about her music debut. Priyanka wore a Zara dress and necklace by Lanvin to the club crawl press conference, before heading out to do her thing on the ones and twos – or by the looks of the photos below, supervised someone else to do thing (photos below via Miss Malini).


Priyanka’s second musical venture is with The Chainsmokers, who featured her on their single, Erase. We’ll be adding this song to our workout playlist. Listen to Erase.

Little known fact: Priyanka is actively involved in her role as the National Ambassador for UNICEF in India and the Green Ambassador of a nationwide environment awareness campaign in India.

‘In my City’ is the first single from Priyanka Chopra’s debut international album, which will drop in early 2013.


Photography Courtesy: Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour