She’s the desi J.Lo. Priyanka Chopra’s latest single, “Exotic” featuring Pitbull has been leaked and we have your first look at the pop song.

priyanka chopra pitbull exotic new music

Our liner notes on “Exotic”:

1. “I’m feeling so exotic. I’m hotter than the tropics.” Don’t expect gut wrenching, meaningful lyrics. This is J.Lo-style pop music that even includes a few lines of Hindi to make the song sound a little exotic – but not too much (they don’t want to scare people!).

2. The song is fun and catchy and a lot better sounding than her first American single, “In My City.”

3. The song’s name is awful. Would it hurt to be a little more creative and not pigeonhole us brown girls as just pretty and exotic? We’re happy and proud to see a desi girl making it big in the international music scene, but what does Priyanka Chopra really bring to pop music that hasn’t already been heard? We wish Team Priyanka could be more creative with the production and lyrics.


Listen to “Exotic” by Priyanka Chopra with Pitbull.