Listen to Raveena Aurora’s New Single, You Give Me That

Sensual. Smooth. It’s Raveena Aurora. Raveena Aurora

Remember Raveena Aurora? Over a couple of years, the New Yorker gained a dedicated online following with her soulful jazz songs. Her old songs aren’t available on YouTube anymore, but we’re not complaining. Her debut single “You Give Me That” is phenomenal. Sexy, smooth, romantic. A little soul, a little jazz, a lot of beauty.

Produced and mixed by Everett Orr, “You Give Me That” is written by Raveena Aurora. “We started to solidify this dreamy, lush sound together through the making of this song,” Aurora said to The FADER, who debuted the track early 2016. “The lyrics I wrote are about submission, perhaps not even in a sexual sense, but completely losing yourself in something sensual and human with no care for anything else you have to do that day.”

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