We've been looking for a miracle in a jar, but it's been hiding in these sleek little packages by myfaceworks. For a pick-me-up or to fight against wrinkles, dark spots and dry patches, myfaceworks has a sheet mask for every condition your skin chooses to fall into.

The revolutionary masks come as serum-soaked cloth sheets that you press onto your skin, rather than a glob you apply over your face. These masks are for a one time use only – apply, relax, toss – making them great for your on-the-go lifestyle. The serum works fast to absorb into your skin, but beware, you'll look like a ghost/scary monster with these sheets on your face so use it during your "me" time alone.

Our myfaceworks test diary:

Day 1: Used "i need to heal," an aloe vera facial mask designed to soothe and heal over-worked skin. After 3 nights of staying up late writing and not enough sleep, my skin looked ridiculous and spotty, and the cold winter weather was making my skin dry. After using the mask, my partner noted that I looked, "more fresh," and, "more bright." I felt relaxed and my skin looked dewy, like after a spa facial.

Day 2: Worked late again. Hardly slept. Needed to look less zombie-like and more vibrant for an event in the evening. Tried "i need to open my eyes," a revitalizing eye mask that promises to reduce the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles and puffiness. The result: The refreshing nature of the eye mask woke me up, but I was disappointed to find that my dark circles and little wrinkles were still out in full force. May need to use the mask more frequently for better results.

Day 3: Spent the day out-of-town, engaging in some much-needed R+R and shopping with BFFs, while taking in an art gallery to add some culture to my life. Woke up early and went to sleep very late.

Day 4: After my day away, I needed a pick-me-up. Tried the "i need to tame" rose water mask. I smelled a bit like gulab jamuns, but it seriously soothed my very sensitive, often allergic skin. I react to almost everything and it was nice to use a product that soothed rather than irritated. You're supposed to wash the mask off after the 20 minutes are up, but I peeled the sheet off and left the serum on my skin overnight – it was heavenly (but beware of doing that if you have sensitive skin).

Final test verdict: The myfaceworks masks are like a luxury beauty item that compliments your current routine – more holts than The Body Shop. At $60 for a box of 6 masks, the price may seem steep when compared to your St. Ives clay mask, but for the most part, the results are immediate, it's not messy, and the serum leaves your skin feeling like you've had a mini-facial. Although I wasn't that impressed with the eye mask, I would definitely pick up the rose-scented "i need to tame" and the "i need to heal" masks – they were heavenly.


myfaceworks masks can be purchased online at www.myfaceworks.com.

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Story By: Manjot Bains