Remember 10 years ago, when everyone was going crazy for The Rishi Rich Project?

Jay Sean Rishi Rich Juggy D

Story by Rumnique Nannar

“Dance with You (Nachna Tere Naal)” teamed music producer Rishi Rich, the smoothie Jay Sean, and the best ‘balle balle’ shouter,  Juggy D, together in a song marking the second phase of the British Asian underground music scene.

The song debuted at the tail-end of the summer of 2003, and snaked its way to #12 on the UK Singles Chart, quite a feat considering it’s sound. It’s a bittersweet song for me, as it debuted the year after I left London, and it came at a pivotal moment when the “Asian cool” period was percolating with the mammoth success of Bend it like Beckham, and Talvin Singh’s album winning the Mercury Prize. I desperately wanted to be back there, so the next best thing was listening to this song and album on my Walkman CD player!

This song, with its penchant for tumbis, Juggy D’s beatboxing and Punjabi verses, and the smooth Jay Sean, was an accessible party anthem. Splitting between Punjabi and English verses may seem passé now, but these guys felt like the first to make it work seamlessly with minimalist beats and garage sounds. It’s a lovely little time capsule into the “rudeboy” culture with its swagger, fashion, and the location of the video. Whether it’s the makeshift block party or the hilarious tracksuit tops and camouflage jackets, there’s lots to enjoy with this video.


Watch “Dance with You (Nachna Tere Naal)”

Artist Inkquisitive also paid tribute to their legacy with this terrific artwork:

inkquisitive rishi rich project jay sean juggy d