Sabyasachi Says Eat More Tiramisu

We dream of Sabyasachi creations magically appearing in our wardrobe: saris, dresses, lenghas and embellished headbands…


But Sabyasachi’s recent “Feminist Manifesto” blog for Vogue India┬áhas us rethinking our desire for something lacy and embroidered. The designer, whom we’ve seen send skinny, model-sized women down the runway, wrote that women should eat. Eat carbs, eat tiramisu, and lots of butter. He also insists we should stop wearing boxy blazers and bowties and not dress like men, but embrace our lady curves.

The “Feminist Manifesto” (their words, not ours) has more gems like this: “So the next time you’re on a flight, make sure you return the margarine and ask for butter. It will put a smile right back on your face and men may finally take you home to their mommy.” Oh Sabyasachi Mukherjee. Stick to designing clothes and leave the thinking to the real feminists.

Exhibit A: The thin, possibly non-butter and non-tiramisu eating models in Sabyasachi’s Delhi Couture Week 2012 and Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week 2011 shows.


PS. We loved Sabysachi’s sketches for the blog. Such an artist!