Upcoming Qatar-based designer, Selina Farooqui is on our style radar. Her collections bring the perfect combination of her Eastern background with a playfulness and luxury that’s creating buzz in the fashion world. Showcasing her collections at the fashionable W Hotels worldwide, her elegant designs have made her one of our designers to watch for this year. 

Jugni Style’s London Correspondent, Deepti Chadalavada, recently caught up with Selina Farooqui, and gives us a glimpse into the designer’s fashionable world.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Feminine, exotic, luxurious, one-of-a-kind fashion that can find its way into any woman’s wardrobe, be easily adapted to her style, and stay versatile and timeless.

How did you get connected with the W Hotel?

In May 2011, at the VCUQ Annual Fashion show, I presented my senior collection inspired by nature and the changing of seasons. I was awarded “Best Fashion Designer 2011” by the W Hotel and they rewarded me with an opportunity to showcase my collection in their E-Wow Suite. I ended up showcasing over 80 garments, and it was a huge success. I realized I had something to offer people, they liked what I was doing, and that was great motivation for me.

After the first showcase, I designed a collection inspired by the W Hotel itself, its ambience, interior, the mood and vibe when you enter. I kept a lot of signature Selina Farooqui details because I wanted to represent the W Hotel, but also myself and my brand. The collection was made up of 30 head-to-toe looks, separates, dresses, evening gowns and hand made necklaces, belts and hair bands.

What’s the mood for your upcoming collection?

My next collection is a bit different from what I have been doing. It’s a departure from the strong ethnic influence, to something more modern and geometric, inspired in part by Arabic architecture. There are still hints of culture and heritage, in the fabrics, colors or embellishments, but I’m experimenting with new shapes and something fresh for 2012. I’m working on more “daywear” in this collection, which excites me because it’s accessible to everyone!

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

Colors, textures, fabrics, shapes, objects, places, jewelry, history, culture and anything that evokes an emotion, so that I have something to grasp onto and build a concept around. I’m very enthusiastic about design so I find everything around me inspirational and exciting. I keep a book to jot down ideas or put pictures of things I find interesting. During days when your having a “designer’s block” its good to have a source you can look at to inspire and motivate you.

What is the one item of clothing that you feel every woman needs for the coming season?

A light summer jacket, something that can be worn day or evening, with an interesting cut and fabrication. There’s no need for embellishment on the jacket, that’s where you should let accessories shine! This is similar to the concept of my upcoming collection, lots of trans-seasonal clothes. The first pieces produced are these light jackets. Structured, geometric cuts with a touch of softness and feminine appeal, creating the perfect tension and balance for a standout piece. I’m working on a jewelry line to compliment the clothes, giving women all the separate options for them to mix, match and create their own looks with the collection.

What’s next for your brand?

I will be showcasing my new collection in Turkey! Working with the W Hotel Doha, we have planned a showcase event at the W Hotel Istanbul. I’m excited to have this opportunity to show my work outside of Qatar.

How can our international readers get in touch if they see something they like? 

Right now they can contact me through my Facebook page here or email me at selina.farooqui@gmail.com. The Selina Farooqui website is coming soon!


Story By: Deepti Chadalavada | Photography Courtesy Selina Farooqui