We've been fans of Shaa'ir and func ever since we spotted lead singer Monica Dogra/Shaa'ir at the opening of Dhobi Ghat at TIFF in 2010. 

If your understanding of Indian music is Bollywood and the Kuch Kuch Hota Hai soundtrack, it's time to wake up and hear the Indie music sound. Like the burgeoning indie film industry, India's independent music scene is a hotbed for underground artists like Shaa'ir and func.

How to describe their music? It's the sound of the Indian underground, and it's electronica and drum 'n bass, while at the same time, soulful, funky, deep and sexy. Trust us, add Shaa'ir and func to your playlist.

New Music: Listen to Monica Dogra's new collaboration with Midival Punditz and Canadian Hip-Hop artist, Humble The Poet. Absolutely love.

Silent Screams – Punditz, Shaair and Humble The Poet (Free Download!) by Midival Punditz


Watch 'No I.D. Required' from The Dewarist, an Indian music documentary/travelogue that interviewed Shaa'ir, Humble The Poet and Midival Punditz during the making of Silent Screams.


Watch The Music Project with Shaa'ir and func 

Photography: Shaa'ir and Func and Francis Matthew Photography