Gone are the days of sequin shirts, brown three button suits, and polyester kurtas in Bhangra music videos. We’re securely in the era of the stylish Singh, with Diljit Dosanjh holding court.

Diljit Dosanjh This Singh Is So Stylish Bhangra

“Kara? Check. Turban? Check. Rolex? Check. Dolce Gabbana? Check.”

Dijit Dosanjh’s new music video, “This Singh Is So Stylish,” is, in fact, quite stylish. Diljit has always been well styled in his music videos, playing with colour and accessorizing in interesting ways. And in case you were concerned about knockoffs or unstylish accessories in the video, checkout a few items from his wardrobe. Rolex? Check. Dolce Gabbana? Check. Hugo Boss? Check.

This Singh Is So Stylish Diljit Dosanjh

Photo from Diljit Dosanjh on Instagram.


The song isn’t Diljit Dosanjh’s best work, but it’s fun all the same and sure to be a hit on the dance floor.


Watch the ever so stylish video below, produced by Intense and featuring Ikka.