Shades of fuchsia, garnet and coral may catch your eye at the makeup counter, but before you invest in another shade of gloss or shadow, you need to think about your skin.

To get a flawless, luminescent look, invest in skin care that best suits your skin type. If your skin is oily, look for something to counteract the oil, and if you breakout, something with salicylic acid may do the trick to calm things down. There are so many skin care lines to choose from, so Jugni Style correspondent, Jyoti Sahota, tested three different face cleansers to find out which works best for South Asian beauty needs.


For oily and acne prone skin, the three-step Proactive line can work wonders to even and control your skin. It doesn’t suit everyone, but it works for me, as long as I use it regularly. The three steps include a cleanser, toner, and benzyl peroxide lotion. Proactive can dry out your skin, which it does to my skin, so you may need to add an oil-free moiturizer after completing the three steps. Insider tip: The trick with Proactive is that you need to use it for at least 60 days before you will see an improvement.


NARS Skin Care Line  

NARS has a popular skincare line that includes a balancing foam cleanser, mud mask, balancing toning lotion, and gentle cream cleanser. The cleansers work well with different skin types and are easy to use before you apply a stroke of makeup. The cleansers keep your face fresh, while the toner evens out pigmentation. The mud mask keeps the texture of your face smooth without drying or leaving an oily residue. This line is great for people with normal to combination skin. Insider tip: Shiseido is the brand behind the NARS skin care line.


Shu Uemura

This famous Japanese line carries a two-step cleaning solution for a variety of different skin types. They have a set for oily, normal, oily to dry, dry, sensitive, and uneven skin types. Shu Uemura cleaning products are quite oily when you massage them into your face, but it will feel fresh once you wash off the clear liquid cleanser. Compared to other skin care lines, Shu Uemura cleansing products will cost close to $80, but that investment is worth it for good hydration and to maintain a healthy glow. Insider tip: This product is used by many makeup artists.