Super shiny, lip plumping and only sort of sticky, it's the lip gloss of our dreams.

Love That While Smile, purveyors of teeth whitening and brightening products, have created one of our favourite glosses ever. 

Unfortunately, there's a slight downside to this perfect gloss: it only comes in clear and you have to buy it in a set with a tooth whitening gloss. Who doesn't wear gloss on their teeth these days?

Well we did for one night of minty gooeyness. And we put it through the usual rigorous lab tests (drinking, kissing, dancing, laughing) to determine if this gloss is "the one."



Our Lab Findings

(+) The absolutely best part of this gloss is that it comes with a light that glows behind the applicator wand and a little mirror on the outside of the bottle so you can apply the gloss in the dark and not have it all over your face. The gloss also has reflective properties that make your teeth look whiter (super bonus!) and it looks fabulous layered over your favourite lipstick or stain.

(-) Wearing mint flavoured gloss on our teeth feels as gross as it sounds. Although it's supposed to make your teeth sparkle and protect them from stains, it made our wine taste weird (mint-flavoured cabernet sauvignon = bad idea). And the deal breaker is the price – at $49.85 for the set, we'd rather buy 2 or 3 or 4 lip glosses at Sephora.

If they release the lip gloss on its own, we'll definitely add it to our stash of must-have products. It's shiny, makes your lips pouty and sexy, and we just love the light feature and mirror.

Love That White Smile Combined Gloss Package
Available at select drugstores, Winners, and at